Keep it on a leash - enjoy Bad-Dog Cocktails responsibly!

Real People Making Real Products

Bad Dog Cocktails are brought to you by Mid-Oak Distillery and Aqua Vitae Group.  We are a family owned business located in Posen Illinois, which is a near South Chicago Suburb located at the intersection of I57 and I294.  

Mid Oak Distillery has been in business since 2011 and was the 3rd craft distillery licensed in the state of Illinois.  From our humble roots, a 1,400 square foot distillery and tasting room, we have expanded to our 3rd location - a large volume beverage production facility and warehouse.  

Mid Oak Distillery and AVG produce a multitude of core branded products, including; CD Vodka, Torta Bianca, and Blondies Cocktails.  We also offer a wide array of contract packaging and consulting services for both liquor and non-liquor markets.